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#include "../../config.h"

#ifndef PACKAGE                     /* fixes prob compiling on RH5.2, *shrug* */
#define PACKAGE "xchat"
#ifndef VERSION
#define VERSION "1.5.3"

#include "../fe-text/myglib.h"
#include <glib.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/socket.h>
#include <netinet/in.h>
#include <arpa/inet.h>

#include "history.h"

#define snprintf g_snprintf

#ifdef USE_DEBUG
#define malloc xchat_malloc
#define realloc xchat_realloc
#define free xchat_free
#define strdup xchat_strdup

#ifdef SOCKS
#ifdef __sgi
#include <sys/time.h>
#include <socks.h>

#include <openssl/ssl.h>              /* SSL_() */

#ifdef __EMX__                                    /* for o/s 2 */
#define OFLAGS 0

#define FONTNAMELEN           127
#define PATHLEN               255
#define NICKLEN               64                      /* including the NULL, so 63 really */
#define CHANLEN               202

#define safe_strcpy(dest,src,len)   strncpy(dest,src,len); \
                                                                        dest[len-1] = 0;

struct nbexec
      int myfd, childfd;
      int childpid;
      int tochannel;                              /* making this int keeps the struct 4-byte aligned */
      int iotag;
      struct session *sess;

struct xchatprefs
      char nick1[64];
      char nick2[64];
      char nick3[64];
      char realname[127];
      char username[127];
      char nick_suffix[4];                /* Only ever holds a one-character string. */
      char awayreason[256];
      char quitreason[256];
      char font_normal[FONTNAMELEN + 1];
      char dialog_font_normal[FONTNAMELEN + 1];
      char doubleclickuser[256];
      char sounddir[PATHLEN + 1];
      char soundcmd[PATHLEN + 1];
      char background[PATHLEN + 1];
      char background_dialog[PATHLEN + 1];
      char dccdir[PATHLEN + 1];
      char bluestring[64];
      char dnsprogram[72];
      char hostname[127];
      char trans_file[256];
      char logmask[256];

      char proxy_host[64];
      int proxy_port;
      int proxy_type;         /* 0 = disabled, 1 = socks4, 3 = wingate */

      int first_dcc_send_port;
      int last_dcc_send_port;

      int tint_red;
      int tint_green;
      int tint_blue;

      int dialog_tint_red;
      int dialog_tint_green;
      int dialog_tint_blue;

      int tabs_position;
      int max_auto_indent;
      int indent_pixels;
      int dialog_indent_pixels;
      int dcc_blocksize;
      int max_lines;
      int notify_timeout;
      int dcctimeout;
      int dccstalltimeout;
      int mainwindow_left;
      int mainwindow_top;
      int mainwindow_width;
      int mainwindow_height;
      int dccpermissions;
      int recon_delay;
      int bantype;
      int userlist_sort;
      int nu_color;
      int bt_color;
      unsigned long local_ip;
      unsigned long dcc_ip;

      unsigned int use_trans;
      unsigned int nopanel;
      unsigned int autosave;
      unsigned int autodialog;
      unsigned int autosave_url;
      unsigned int autoreconnect;
      unsigned int autoreconnectonfail;
      unsigned int invisible;
      unsigned int servernotice;
      unsigned int wallops;
      unsigned int skipmotd;
      unsigned int away;
      unsigned int autorejoin;
      unsigned int colorednicks;
      unsigned int nochanmodebuttons;
      unsigned int nouserlistbuttons;
   unsigned int showhostname_in_userlist;
      unsigned int nickcompletion;
      unsigned int old_nickcompletion;
      unsigned int tabchannels;
      unsigned int nopaned;
      unsigned int autodccchat;
      unsigned int autodccsend;
      unsigned int autoresume;
      unsigned int noautoopendccsendwindow;
      unsigned int noautoopendccrecvwindow;
      unsigned int noautoopendccchatwindow;
      unsigned int transparent;
      unsigned int tint;
      unsigned int dialog_transparent;
      unsigned int dialog_tint;
      unsigned int stripcolor;
      unsigned int timestamp;
      unsigned int fastdccsend;
      unsigned int skipserverlist;
      unsigned int filterbeep;
      unsigned int beepmsg;
      unsigned int privmsgtab;
      unsigned int logging;
      unsigned int newtabstofront;
      unsigned int dccwithnick;
      unsigned int hilitenotify;
      unsigned int hidever;
      unsigned int ip_from_server;
      unsigned int panelize_hide;
      unsigned int panel_vbox;
      unsigned int raw_modes;
      unsigned int no_server_logs;
      unsigned int show_away_once;
      unsigned int show_away_message;
      unsigned int nouserhost;
      unsigned int use_server_tab;
      unsigned int style_namelistgad;
      unsigned int style_inputbox;
      unsigned int windows_as_tabs;
      unsigned int use_fontset;
      unsigned int indent_nicks;
      unsigned int show_separator;
      unsigned int thin_separator;
      unsigned int dialog_indent_nicks;
      unsigned int dialog_show_separator;
      unsigned int treeview;
      unsigned int auto_indent;
      unsigned int wordwrap;
      unsigned int dialog_wordwrap;
      unsigned int mail_check;
      unsigned int double_buffer;
      unsigned int throttle;
      unsigned int fudgeservernotice;
      unsigned int topicbar;
      unsigned int hideuserlist;
      unsigned int hidemenu;
      unsigned int perlwarnings;
      unsigned int lagometer;
      unsigned int hebrew;
      unsigned int limitedtabhighlight;
      unsigned int pingtimeout;
      unsigned int show_invite_in_front_session;
      unsigned int show_notify_in_front_session;
      unsigned int whois_on_notifyonline;
      unsigned int inputgad_superfocus;
      unsigned int nickgad;
      unsigned int channelbox;

      unsigned int ctcp_number_limit;     /*flood */
      unsigned int ctcp_time_limit; /*seconds of floods */

      unsigned int msg_number_limit;      /*same deal */
      unsigned int msg_time_limit;


struct session
      struct server *server;
      GSList *userlist;
      char channel[CHANLEN];
      char waitchannel[CHANLEN];            /* waiting to join this channel */
      char willjoinchannel[CHANLEN];        /* /join done for this channel */
      char channelkey[64];                  /* XXX correct max length? */
      int limit;                                  /* channel user limit */
      int channelflags;                     /* channel flags (bitmap) */
      int logfd;

      char lastnick[NICKLEN];               /* last nick you /msg'ed */

      struct history history;

      int ops;                                              /* num. of ops in channel */
      int hops;                                   /* num. of half-oped users */
      int voices;                                     /* num. of voiced people */
      int total;                                      /* num. of users in channel */

      char *quitreason;

      struct session *lastlog_sess;
      struct setup *setup;
      struct nbexec *running_exec;

      struct session_gui *gui;            /* initialized by fe_new_window */

      int userlisthidden;
      int is_shell:1;
      int is_tab:1;                 /* is this a tab or toplevel window? */
      int is_dialog:1;
      int is_server:1;        /* for use_server_tab feature */
      int new_data:1;         /* new data avail? (red tab) */
      int nick_said:1;        /* your nick mentioned? (green tab) */
      int ignore_date:1;
      int ignore_mode:1;
      int ignore_names:1;
      int end_of_names:1;
      int doing_who:1;        /* /who sent on this channel */
      int highlight_tab:1;    /* Highlight the channel tab (red-style) */

typedef struct session session;

struct server
      int port;
      int sok;
      SSL *ssl;
      int ssl_do_connect_tag;
      int use_ssl:1;                              /* is server SSL capable? */
      int accept_invalid_cert:1;      /* ignore result of server's cert. verify */
      int childread;
      int childwrite;
      int childpid;
      int iotag;
      int bartag;
      int recondelay_tag;                       /* reconnect delay timeout */
      char hostname[128];                       /* real ip number */
      char servername[128];               /* what the server says is its name */
      char password[86];
      char nick[NICKLEN];
      char linebuf[522];                        /* RFC says 512 including \r\n */
      int pos;
      int nickcount;

      GSList *outbound_queue;
      time_t last_send;
      int bytes_sent;                       /* this second only */

      struct session *front_session;

      struct server_gui *gui;         /* initialized by fe_new_server */

      int ctcp_counter;                     /*flood */
      time_t ctcp_last_time;

      int msg_counter;                      /*counts the msg tab opened in a certain time */
      time_t msg_last_time;

      /*time_t connect_time;*/                        /* when did it connect? */
      time_t lag_sent;
      time_t ping_recv;                         /* when we last got a ping reply */

      int motd_skipped:1;
      int connected:1;
      int connecting:1;
      int no_login:1;
      int skip_next_who:1;                  /* used for "get my ip from server" */
      int inside_whois:1;
      int doing_who:1;                      /* /dns has been done */
      int end_of_motd:1;                    /* end of motd reached (logged in) */
      int sent_quit:1;                      /* sent a QUIT already? */
      int is_newtype:1;       /* undernet and dalnet need /list >0,<10000 */
      int six_modes:1;        /* undernet allows 6 modes per line */

typedef struct server server;

typedef int (*cmd_callback) (struct session * sess, char *tbuf, char *word[],
                                                        char *word_eol[]);

struct commands
      char *name;
      cmd_callback callback;
      char needserver;
      char needchannel;
      char *help;

struct away_msg
      struct server *server;
      char nick[NICKLEN];
      char *message;

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